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Boosting Patient Engagement with Fujifilm’s Synapse RIS and Royal Solutions

When you’re running six busy imaging centers that serve thousands of patients across three counties in eastern Central Florida, the last thing you need is distressed staff, operational chaos, and miscommunication with patients.

At Radiology Associates of Daytona (RA), we know how important it is to engage with patients, operate efficiently, and capture revenue effectively to stay competitive in today’s challenging climate.

To drive efficiency, we view our patients as consumers first. After all, whether it’s booking dinner reservations, shopping, or renewing a driver’s license, today’s consumers appreciate online, self-service solutions. So why should healthcare be any different?

With that in mind, RA recently implemented Royal Solutions’ Patient Experience, a suite of self-service workflow and payment solutions which includes Royal Kiosks™ for Patients & Technologists, Royal Alerts®, Royal Patient Portal®, and RoyalPay®. In addition, all solutions are deeply integrated with Fujifilm’s Synapse RIS, one of the most comprehensive workflow management solutions on the market.

Transitioning to Royal’s Patient Experience with our staff was one of the most effortless go-lives we’ve ever experienced. The system is very user-friendly, intuitive and works seamlessly with Synapse RIS. And the Fujifilm/Royal Patient Experience solution is now working wonders for patients and staff at RA’s six imaging centers!

The solution creates a seamless and efficient encounter for patients. It also minimizes community health risk by enabling RA patients to complete registration paperwork, confirm appointments via automated alerts, and make payments—all from their personal devices and in the comfort of their own home. Upon arrival at the clinic, patients utilize RA smart tablets to check in for their appointment and interact with staff. After their visit, patients have access to their results in a portal that includes their imaging history across all RA outpatient imaging facilities—creating an unparalleled unification for patient-driven healthcare.

RA staff and patients have experienced multiple benefits, thanks to Fujifilm’s Synapse RIS and the Royal Patient Experience. For example, we’ve dramatically reduced check-in times. Rather than arriving 30 minutes early to do paperwork, patients arrive 10-15 minutes prior to the appointment. They also only sit with front desk staff for a couple of minutes to verify IDs compared with upwards of 10 minutes before we invested in the Royal Patient Experience suite.

Patient safety is also enhanced, which has significantly impacted patient comfort levels during COVID-19. For example, patients don’t need to hold clipboards, paperwork, or pens. In fact, most don’t have to touch anything since paperwork is being done from home prior to arrival. Only about 1 in 5 patients arrive having not completed the paperwork, in which case we give them an iPad to use onsite.

And here’s another significant benefit: improved patient information confidentiality. That’s because there are no printed documents to distribute. Instead, everything is on an electronic device, either in the patient’s or the technologist’s hands. Exam turnaround times have also decreased due to paperwork being sent automatically from Royal into Fujifilm’s Synapse RIS. We’ve been able to completely eliminate the need for our clinical and frontend staff to scan any paperwork or documentation into
Synapse RIS.

Our staff also says that with Royal Solutions, they now have the tools to identify what the patient owes at the time of service. This is critical to our business as it allows RA to capture all the revenue to which we are entitled.

Finally, the patient communication experience has greatly improved since implementing the Royal Solutions offerings. Our patients say the system has been easy to navigate. Patients arrive at their appointments on time and are already pre-prepped with all the information they need. That means less tedious phone calls back and forth between staff and patient—and a streamlined communications process.

With Fujifilm’s Synapse RIS and Royal’s Patient Experience suite, RA enjoys happier staffers, happier patients, and a healthier
bottom line.

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