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Collaboration as a Driver for Cardiology PACS Innovation

Fujifilm’s Synapse Cardiology PACS was recently awarded the esteemed title of Best in KLAS for 2022. This recognition is not only a testament to the product’s first-rate features and functionalities, but to the people who tirelessly transform our customers’ CVIS wishes into reality. One of those people is Jodi Murphy, RDCS, RVT, Director of Product Delivery for Cardiology Informatics.

In this EI Connection Blog Q&A, Jodi shares how she’s seen CVIS technology evolve, where she believes the technology is headed, and what role collaboration plays in propelling cardiology innovations forward.

  1. Can you give us a brief overview of your background in the cardiology space?

I started my career as a pediatric cardiac sonographer at Texas Heart Institute in Houston, Texas where I worked with some of the leading pediatric cardiologists. I moved to Kansas City and expanded my cardiovascular ultrasound skills to include adult echocardiography and non-invasive vascular. I was extremely fortunate to join Mid-America Heart Institute and work with one of the leading female cardiologists who specialized in both heart disease in women and Stress Echocardiography.

  1. During your tenure, how have you seen CVIS technology evolve?

In the early days, we utilized video and thermal strip chart recordings to document and review cardiovascular studies. The evolution to digital has truly been transformative. In addition to significant image review improvements, the latest technology advancements allow clinicians to display side-by-side comparisons and enhance review of prior studies. Structured reporting for all cardiovascular modalities, including measurement/data transfer with advanced quantification capabilities, has also improved workflow and turnaround times for documentation.

  1. KLAS Research recently noted that the Cardiology Picture Archiving Communication System (PACS) industry is ripe for disruption and innovation. Would you agree with that? Have you heard any similar sentiments from Fujifilm customers?

Yes, I agree that we’ve only scratched the surface when it comes to the potential for Cardiology PACS innovation.  Our Synapse Cardiology PACS, for example, was recently named 2022 Best in KLAS due to the never-before-seen features and functionalities that we’ve brought to market.  Its server-side rendering architecture provides instant access to larger data sets, such as 3D ultrasound or Cardiac Cath images with Intravascular Ultrasound (IVUS) images.

The ability to have a common viewer for reviewing images, regardless of the facility or department in which they were acquired, is also a game changer for physicians. It gives them instant access to the entire imaging record and synchronizes with the EHR through a single sign-on. These are the types of innovations that our industry needs, and we’re excited to be spearheading that effort.

  1. You’re heavily involved in working with Fujifilm’s Cardiology PACS customers to ensure our solution provides the greatest value. Do any customer success stories stand out in your mind that were the result of our collaboration?

Yes, I have worked with many customers to ensure our solution provides optimal value.  Through these longstanding relationships,  I’m able to help move our customers forward as Synapse Cardiology PACS evolves and their needs change. An example is Tallahassee Memorial Hospital, which became a customer in 2008. I was involved in their initial implementation and still maintain a close relationship with them to this day, where they’ve recently converted to Synapse 7 with Advanced Reporting. Lee Health is another customer which initially had our Radiology PACS and added Synapse Cardiology PACS due to our strong integrations with Epic and Cupid. Others include IU Health, Mayo Clinic, Regions, North Memorial, St. Luke’s in Kansas City, and USC.

  1. Can you elaborate on why customer collaboration is a critical driver of our product’s success?

Synapse was designed by clinicians, for clinicians. Collaborating with our customers to determine their needs and simplify their workflow allows us to provide solutions that are tailor-made for each site. It’s so important to understand each of our customers’ needs and provide solutions that assist them in achieving their goals.

My team is often looked to as consultants who can provide suggestions and guidance based on implementations at other sites. That expertise helps guide customer discussions that ultimately help us determine the optimal strategy to support end users in their adoption of Synapse.

  1. Collaboration spans beyond just customer engagement; it also involves partnering with other technology vendors, accreditation institutes, and professional societies. What impact do these partnerships have on Fujifilm’s ability to meet customer needs?

Fujifilm’s extensive network of partners only allows us to more effectively meet our customer needs. From a vendor perspective, we work with a number of third-party advanced quantification solutions, including Cedars Sinai’s Cardiac Suite, Invia’s Corridor 4DM, Pie Medical Imaging’s CAAS, Medis’ QAngio, TOMTEC’s Arena, Epsilon’s EchoInsight, GE’s EchoPAC, and Epiphany’s ECG Management, to ensure we can support customer needs with advanced quantification.

All of Synapse’s Advanced Reporting templates are also built based on industry standards and accreditation guidelines. We have a dedicated team that reviews new standards and stays up to date on the new guidelines so we can effectively build them into our product.

As we continue to innovate and bring new features and functionalities to market, we know that continuing to leverage these strategic partnerships will also enhance that effort.

  1. How do you see Fujifilm’s collaborations continuing to evolve in the months/years ahead?

Fujifilm’s mission is to never stop innovating, and our vast industry partnerships are a critical component to achieving that goal.  Our latest enterprise imaging innovations, such as Fujifilm’s AI Platform REiLI, Synapse 3D, and the unified enterprise PACS Synapse 7x, are prime examples of that as well. Through our ongoing partnerships, we’re continuously able to bring theses superior solutions to market that help support more comprehensive and confident care decisions. And isn’t that the ultimate goal, after all?

Want to learn more about Fujifilm’s Best in KLAS Synapse Cardiology PACS? Click the video below and be sure to stop by our booth at ASE to receive a live demo.

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