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How Synapse VNA is Revolutionizing Clinical Trial Research

My colleague Sara Osberger recently authored a blog post for The EI Connection where she mentions the successes our customers have seen by “making new of tried and true.” To give you a quick recap, this concept refers to using one of our well-established enterprise imaging solutions in an unconventional or innovative way.

We see this idea play out quite frequently at Fujifilm. Take Boston Children’s Hospital, for example. The long-time Synapse 3D customer leverages our Sector MPR application – which was initially developed to render CT slices of abdominal structures – to compare pediatric CT and MRI neuroimaging studies. North Memorial Health is another example, where after working directly with our development team, the leading cardiac facility helped bring several novel functionalities to our pre-existing CVIS. The result? Our new, feature-rich and award-winning Synapse Cardiology PACS platform.

But perhaps the best example of “making new of tried and true” relates to our three-time Best in KLAS Synapse VNA.  As most of you know, our vendor neutral archive is a secure, easy-to-manage solution that seamlessly captures, stores, and manages all clinical content across the healthcare IT systems within an enterprise. By powering true image interoperability for any specialty department across the healthcare enterprise, Synapse VNA creates that complete picture of patient health for any authorized user.

We recently expanded Synapse VNA into the world of clinical trials; a sector where the exchange of imaging data between contract research organizations (CROs) – the entities that provide clinical trial management services for pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device companies – has remained a major challenge. Working hand-in-hand with BrackenData Chief Executive Dr. Colin Miller, Fujifilm evolved its industry leading VNA to serve biopharma companies and their associated CROs by simplifying clinical data access, management, and exchange. Now, data that historically took weeks to share with other researchers, business partners, or stakeholders can be accessed instantly and securely – and it’s all thanks to Synapse VNA.


In fact, the solution has proven to be so revolutionary to the clinical trial process that Synapse VNA has been named a finalist in the Best Sponsor-facing Technology Initiative category in the 2021 Citeline Awards.

You can read more about our nomination here. To learn more about our presence in the biotech industry, or to schedule a product demo, click here.

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