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Meaningful Solution, Meaningful Work

One of the most meaningful parts of my job is building long-term relationships with our customers. We might be selected for a very specific project, but after a customer experiences Fujifilm’s technology and gets to know its people, very often, we’re invited to collaborate on an even larger project. That’s when I know we’ve earned their trust and the partnership truly flourishes. 

That was the case with Tuality Healthcare-an OSHU Partner. Fujifilm’s Synapse PACS was in clinical use at their hospital for some time, and they were very happy with the solution. And then came phase two of meaningful use (MU). 

As providers very well know, phase two of MU focused on ensuring patient imaging and data could be accessed through a healthcare organization’s electronic health record (EHR) system.  Suddenly Tuality needed to find a solution to streamline imaging access and enhance organizational workflows throughout its network and beyond. The technology would need to serve Tuality’s physicians, as well as hundreds of referring doctors across a number of facilities in surrounding communities. 

Our client, John Kaminski, PACS Manager, Diagnostic Imaging at Tuality led the effort. He explored various vendors, discussed Tuality’s needs, and learned how their solutions may be able to assist. In the end, he opted for Fujifilm’s Synapse® Mobility Enterprise Viewer. 

Synapse Mobility provides instant access to the entire patient imaging record. That includes DICOM and native non-DICOM images and reports on iOS, PC, MAC and mobile platforms through a zero-footprint viewer that requires no code download. That meant it would be easy and functional for clinicians—no matter where they might be.  

Most importantly, Synapse Mobility delivers access to the complete imaging record from all departments and locations inside and outside a facility to support a comprehensive enterprise-imaging strategy. 

Kaminiski’s team and the Fujifilm team worked closely to implement a careful and successful rollout of Mobility. Today, Mobility is in clinical use with more than 400 clinicians throughout the Tuality-OHSU community. 

Referring physicians love it because they have immediate access to patient images. Patients receive quicker care—and that’s an important quality improvement. Clinicians say Mobility makes them more efficient and collaborative care is enhanced as well. With all appropriate parties having secure access to images, doctors from various facilities consult with Tuality physicians—while they are all viewing the same clinical study. 

Mobility has been a big success at Tuality—and that makes our partnership stronger and all the more rewarding. Mobility has proven to be the perfect “meaningful use” solution for our valued customer. And helping make it happen has been meaningful work for me.

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