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Putting Customer Collaboration at the Heart of Cardiology Innovation

Some of our greatest technology advancements have come from working directly with those of you on the frontlines, hearing what features and workflows best meet your needs, and relaying that feedback to our engineers to turn those visions into reality. That was the exact case with North Memorial Health.

North Memorial Health, which began as a single hospital in 1939, now includes two hospitals and a network of 26 specialty centers, primary care clinics, and urgent care facilities. Of its many specialties, North Memorial is particularly well-known for its esteemed cardiovascular unit, run by renowned cardiologists and cardiothoracic surgeons. What better time to share this story than Heart Health Awareness Month?

As a leader in cardiac care, North Memorial Health sought a cardiovascular information system (CVIS) designed for comprehensive cardiology assessments, but with an enterprise imaging-based architecture. The solution needed to include a secure image management and reporting platform that would meet the needs of busy cardiologists’ caseloads. It also needed to provide proper and efficient reporting to continuously advance the quality of patient care. However, what North Memorial did not want to do was abandon its previous IT investments. It needed a vendor that could integrate with the existing equipment, which spanned a variety of vendors, and unify its patient imaging and reporting systems on a single solution.

That’s when Fujifilm came into the picture.

Our team had leveraged our investments in our Synapse® Enterprise Informatics platform and applied those advancements to cardiology, bringing robust tool sets to a common PACS platform and immediately allowing cardiologists to reap the benefits of our feature-rich Enterprise Informatics portfolio.

When North Memorial realized the potential of the solution, we worked together to customize the product to support their specific clinical workflows. Through this approach, North Memorial—and now other care facilities across the country—has access to workflows that enhance image management and reporting across multiple modalities, allowing a more-complete patient record to be established and a more-comprehensive care plan to be developed, a roadmap that fully aligns with North Memorial’s short-term goals.

The collaboration resulted in the feature-rich version of our server-side-rendered technology we call Synapse Cardiology PACS.

North Memorial not only has the distinction of being the first site to go live with Synapse Cardiology PACS, but it was also closely involved in the development of the system’s advanced reporting templates. North Memorial Health’s industry-leading physicians actually helped us design them. The result? Seamless usability, which frees up valuable time for its providers to refocus on patient care. Our customized platform and streamlined reporting features allow physicians to make the most applicable selections from drop-down menus, work from any device, and issue reports while moving through their caseload.

As important as it is, customization is only part of the story. Compliance and security are other critical components. This is where we further proved our value: All report templates, as part of the Synapse platform, meet accreditation and registry requirements. Our server-side design is fundamental for secure protected health information, as it alleviates the need to move an entire study to a desktop or mobile device.

Finally, as described by one of North Memorial’s IT specialists, the service and support our team was able to provide was among “the best she has ever experienced.” It’s this level of collaboration that’s really at the heart of Fujifilm’s customer partnership goals.

To learn more about Synapse Cardiology PACS or schedule a demo, contact us here.

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